Tuesday, February 28, 2006

From One Island to Another

Taking advantage of the National Holiday, Ariel and I ventured south, casting all our colleagues concerns aside, to travel to Green Island. When both of us told people that we were heading down to the small island, the vast majority of them shook their heads and said something to the effect of "Oh god... You're not thinking about going now?" Rather than take this as a warning or harbinger of things to come, we headed down to the port near Taidong to catch the ferry to the island. In brief, the island is roughly 17 km around and is primarily know for its notorious prisons (now closed). Currently, the island is a tourist destination that is known for its diving opportunities and saltwater hot springs (one of three in the world... you can ooh and aah now). Aside from that, there isn't too much else unless you consider a Sika deer farm something to write home about. Anyway, the island is a delightful place to go visit for its disgustingly picturesque scenery and Jurassic park-vibe. I am glad we went at the time that we did, as I will gladly take inclement weather over hundreds of weekend warriors on scooters any day. So sit back and enjoy the photos.

Ariel trying to capture goats in their natural habitat. Take notice of the numerous goat restaurants across the street.

You really don't get to see mating skinks everyday, especially right outside of your campsite. I felt obliged to post this.


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