Wednesday, February 22, 2006


It only took a year or two, but we finally got to the Yuanmingyuan.
After briefly taking refuge in a hotel lobby, Eben shows off the more stripped down version of Harbin's winter line.

Despite the completely illogical nature of heading to the northern provinces in the middle of winter, we all felt compelled to make our pilgrimage to the Manchu homeland.

Although I am probably going to hell for visiting this Siberian Tiger "reserve" in Harbin, I have to admit it was quite a sight. When you buy you tickets to the park, you also have the option of purchasing some Beef, a live Chicken, a Goat or a Cow for the Tigers to make your trip more memorable... What the park really taught me is that they are conditioning these tigers to attack Toyota Land Cruisers, not a particularly comforting thought.


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