Sunday, June 25, 2006

Signs of Life

So after a numerous visits by several esteemed family members and friends, my already questionable blogging patterns were thrown into a bit of a tizzy. I apologize to all of those that have still try to follow the narrative thread of my time here without any information from this end. It's my hope that rather than worry or be dismayed by my lack of contact, you spun whimsical tales that related my involvement fantastic creatures like Griffins and epic quests that determined the fate of the known universe. If you'd like to think that I was occupied with that for the past month and a half... feel free to, it may provide a bit more cohesion to that seemingly lost time. Looking back at my last post I realize that quite a lot occurred in the past month or so. To begin:

-Family members and future in-laws [ yes, it does feel a little strange to write that, I personally prefer the Chinese while implies that they are the family that I am preparing to join] are wonderful people who should be thanked profusely for a number of reasons. One, taking the time an effort to raise you instead of abandoning you on any one of the number of suitable hillsides throughout the USA. Two, consistently supporting your efforts despite harboring reservations about your varied life decisions. [Ariel and I still wonder about how we ever ended up on the ship, the Quest, with pseudo-missionaries.] Three, willingly coming to Taiwan, in summer no less, to see us and try to get a better understanding of what it is we're doing here. In short, thanks, I do not tell you all that enough.

-In an attempt to maintain narrative cohesion with the last post, I will briefly turn back to the Dragon Boat results. After our weeks of training, Shida managed to get 4th in the men's division of the Taibei International Invitational Tournament. On our high from winning that tournament, and the karaoke party in celebration from which I will be forever cemented into my team members minds for my affinity for A-ha, we headed off to the next tournament, the Xindian Speaker Cup. After a few short races over two days primarily composed of waiting, we emerged as the mixed division champions. Not too shabby for a team that started as a truly multi-cultural Dirty Dozen.

-Wedding photos... I can say definitively that this is an entirely different industry here. While Ariel has gone at length about her experiences on that day, mine were markedly different. First, by Taiwan's standards, I am a very large person. Now I am by no means a giant but I will be the first one to point out that this country was not designed with persons of my stature in mind. While this is just a mild inconvenience at most times, I must admit that I felt like Gulliver among the Lilliputians while I was at the wedding gallery.....

More to come soon.


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